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New technologies that reduce the use of toxic chemicals that benefit farmers and consumers, RNAi, and organic-based products.


Development of EPAC versions to reduce or eliminate chemical residuals in the soil. Development of Low-Cost, Targeted version of EPACs for reduction and optimization of the herbicides, glyphosate, and paraquat. It allows universal use while maintaining or reducing their current cost to the grower. Allows for reduction of use in the field by 30% to 50%.


Phytosanitary Nu3zer Products – Nutritional
fertilizer and trace element products that
include phytosanitary characteristics acting as
insecticides and fungicides through
enhancement of natural plant resistance. Fully
organic but can be used with chemical products.


NanoSUR develops and commercializes pesticides based on RNA and bioinformatics that provide safe, sustainable & non-GMO control of agricultural pests. The company & technology has been vetted and funded by SBIR grants from USA's NSF and USDA


Our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp seeds and seed starts have less than 0.3% THC when grown correctly, test at a 90% or greater feminization rate, and 90% or greater germination rate, as verified by both independent third-party tests, as well as internal field tests. The seeds, seed starts, and clones are genetically stable, prime for planting, and [most importantly] legally compliant when grown properly.

Every good harvest starts with a quality seed or seed start, regardless of what crop is being grown. we understand the critical role that a genetics provider plays in a farm’s success. 




Blue River Family Farm

Family-owned Blue River Family Farm, a fourth-generation, 3,000 acres farm operation has unique relationships with farmers in the eastern corn belt and an extensive network within the agro-industry, Keegan Cherry,  an agro-business professional for the past 10 years, has relationships with more than 100 corn and soybean industrial farming operations, as large as 20,000 acres, in the eastern corn belt which gives us a head start to promote and sell products.

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